3D Modeling Apps

Spline, Anim8or, Wings 3D, JustSketchMe, Tinkercad, ChokokuCAD, POV-Ray, FreeCAD, picoCAD, Vectary, LibreCAD, Art of Illusion, BRL-CAD, Posturize

3D Models

CG Persia,, Sketchfab, GrabCAD, 3DCU, 3DLOAD, CGdownloads, Pack 3d models, 3DLOAD, cgtrader, Free3D, VRModels, CadNav, Blend Swap, 3DModelsCC0, Blender 3D Models, Render-State, Open3dModel, KiCad, Archive3D, TopGFX, 3dpirate, 3DExport, 3DMili Free Shop, ArchibasePlanet, Cults, 3dsky, TurboSquid, 3D Warehouse, BlenderKit, 3DMili, 3DFree,, RIGModels, Printables, Thangs, Pinshape, NASA 3D Resources, CG World, Blender Add-on, 3D Find It


3DS ROMS, hShop

4chan Archives

4GBs of 4chan Threads, Ten Billion, old.sage, BibAnon, 4Museum, Archive.4plebs, arch.b4k, Sup/tg/, 4chanSearch, 4search, palanq, desuarchive,

Adblock Defenders

Easylist, Assassinate Ad Block Blockers, Test Adblock Defender

Alternative Search Engines

Bing, OceanHero, llarryyllarryy's Search Engine, Lycos, dogpile, Advangle, WebCrawler, Million Short, Wiby, Goodshop, Andi, Instya,, Excite, oscobo, search, Metacrawler, fefoo, entireweb, ChatNoir, Petal Search, seekport, Exalead,, Carrot2, Surf Canyon, 4Search,, Yahoo, FrogFind!, Visymo Search, Entfer, AOL, All in One, All the Internet,, Fagan Finder, Goofram, iZito, MyAllSearch, ZapMeta, BizNar, WorldWideScience, Startpage, ZincSearch, Whoogle Search, infospace


Eniro, goo,, NAVER, Portail Orange, parseek, SAPO, Walla, 2lingual

Alternative Software / App Sites

Ethical, Slant, SaaSHub,, ALTERNATIVES TO BLOATWARE,, Top Best Alternatives,, Open Source Alternative To, Alternative Book!,, PRISM Break, ListAlternative, Free Competitors, AppMus

Ambient Rain Sounds

Rainbow Hunt, Pluvior,,, Rainyscope

Android Audio Players

VLC for Android, mpv-android, Foobar2000, Vanilla Music, BlackHole, Metro, Retro Music Player, Auxio, Apollo Music Player, Music Player GO, Nyx Music Player, ExoPlayer, SoundSpice, mucke, Phonograph Plus, Musicmax, Tear Music, Pulse Music, Zen Music Player, Little Music Player

Android Browsers

Iceraven Browser, Kiwi Browser, Stargon Browser, Berry Browser, Ecosia, AlohaBrowser, Via Browser, Lynket, Lightning Browser, Dot Browser, Float Browser, Fulguris

Android File Explorers

rcx, Amaze File Manager, Simple File Manager, Ghost Commander, Solid Explorer, Material Files, ES File Explorer, Cx File Explorer, IrkFM, File Manager, Astro, SD Maid SE

Android Note Apps

Markor, sNotz, Bundled Notes, ColorNote, Notion, Joplin, Standard Notes, Notebook, UpNote, OneNote, Leaflet, neutriNote, Writer Plus, Orgzly, Justnote, Quillnote, Note to Self, Noto, Nabu, Obsidian, Saber, Quillpad, Firenote, Spooky, Moe Memos, Ara Note, Notally, Omni Notes

Android To-Do Apps

Tasks,, Simpletask, Orgzly, Dailly, Tasky, Alkaa, EverydayTasks, Taskito

Android Operating Systems

ProtonAOSP, Anarchy-Droid, Replicant, crDroid, Havoc-OS, BlissRoms, Paranoid Android, PixelExperience, Evolution X, e Foundation, BeyondROM

Android TV IPTV Players

TiviMate, iMPlayer, IPTV Smarters Pro, OTT Navigator, HomeIPTV

Anime Download Apps

adl, anigrab, animdl

Anonymous Image Boards

Post Office,, BUS STOP


Hitman Pro, Adaware Antivirus, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Immunet, MalwareScanner, EsetKeyRobot, ClamAV

App Launchers

Neo Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Olauncher, Unlauncher, Ratio, Edge Card Launcher, Stario Launcher, Discreet Launcher, Taskbar, Kvaesitso, Inure App Manager, KISS launcher, Lynx Launcher, Slim launcher, OpenLauncher, Nova Launcher, Skit, Lunar Launcher

Audio Converters

Online Audio Converter, fre:ac, FlicFlac, LameXP, FFaudioConverter, SoX, dBpoweramp, FLAC2iTunes, M4A to MP3 Converter

Audio Editors

MusE, Lexis Audio Editor, mp3DirectCut, Ardour, LMMS, AudioMass, FamiStudio, ocenaudio, Wavosaur, Sneedacity, Radium, Audiodope, FL Studio, OpenMPT, Schism Tracker, WaveBots Editor, BandLab, AudioNodes, KXStudio

Online Audio Editors

AudioStudio, Audiotool, Soundtrap, BeepBox, Efflux, TwistedWave, AudioToolSet, Online Tone Generator, afreestudio, Safeaudiokit, Soundation

Audio Plugins

Producer Plug Sheet, Open-Source Audio Plugins & Apps, /u/BitterApple69 Plugins, FREE VST PLUGINS, KVR Audio, PLUGINS4FREE, DSK Music, LANDR, Native Instruments, SPARTA, IEM Plug-in Suite, Plugintorrent, /r/PluggnB, Free DAW plugins, VSTs & Packs, Plugin Pastebin

Audio Servers

mStream, Mopidy, Fidbak, Madsonic, Navidrome, KooZic, Serviio, Polaris, Echo, Black Candy, Gonic

Audio Synthesizers

Web Audio Synth V2, SuperCollider, ZynAddSubFX, Surge XT, Dexed, Bespoke, Helm, TANGUY, SunVox, Sinsy, DSOUND Software, Hydrogen, Ribs, QasarBeach, /r/SynthRecipes, samplv1

Automation Tools

Make, Zapier, Huginn, IFTTT, Microsoft Power Automate, n8n, Automatio, Bardeen, Browserflow, Selenium



ASCII Art Creators

Text Smileys, ASCII art creator, ASCII Today, REXPaint, PabloDraw, ASCII Paint, DeepAA, Kakikun, Playscii

Background Removers

Remove BG, Rembg, Adobe Express Background Remover, Background Remover, Removal.AI, Trace, BackgroundCut, Retoucher Online,, FocoClipping, Fotor, Clipping Magic, Bg Eraser, BgSub, Background Remover AI

BetterDiscord Tools

Plugins, Themes, Theme Editor, Support, Nitro Features, Messaging Panel

Blogging Platforms

Bear Blog, Haven, Multiverse, Letterpad, Mataroa, / Reader, Emanates Docs, PublicEmails, write freely, OffPress, You Don't Need WP, notepin, twtxt, Arbital, / Key

Browser eBook Readers

Online Cloud File Viewer, Tranquility Reader, EpubPress, Postlight Reader, Ebook Reader for web, Readwok, 2read, Reader Mode, ePub Reader Online, Ebook Reader

Browser Games

Armor Games, Kongregate, Weboasis Arcade, Addicting Games, OneMoreLevel, Miniclip, Not Doppler, Nitrome, Poki, Y8, Arkadium, Crazy Games, GamezHero, Yandex Games, Nicky Case, Gamepix, KibaGames, yell0wsuit, Kizi, Gamaverse, FOG, RoundGames, Radon Games, Snokido, 2amGames, Game Game, ArcadeSpot, N-Arcade, watabou, Key Games, GamesFlare, Gaming Wonderland, Game Top, Foddy, ALFY, GameKB, Andkon, DAN-BALL, Play-Games, KBHGames, Unity3DGames, FreeGames, PrimaryGames, MSM Games, CAMLBOY, Cartoon Network Games, Disney Games, Lego Games, Friv / 2, RetroGMZ

Browser Startpages

8bitdash, 8 Bit Dashboard, Startpage Emporium, Awesome Startpage, StartTree, New Tab Addons, Clippingmini, Draggo, Atavi, Homepage Ninja, Bookmarkee, Pearltrees, Lasso, Nextcloud, Cling, Symbaloo, Tixio, Bento,, nightly, Protopage, tilde, Homepage, Fluidity

Bookmark Managers, Bookmark OS, Bookmarkify, Patchwork,, buku, booky,, WebCrate, Unmark, Diigo, linkding, LinkAce, Tagpacker,, Shaarli, Openoox, Mission Control, histre, BrainyTab, Save For Later, Zulu, Contentle, Clipix, WebCull, Collect, Trove, GGather, Dropmark, Bookmarkme, Bublup, Bkmark, Shiori, LinkSnatch

Extensions, Sidebery, Save to Bookmark OS, Bookmarks Organizer, Omni, Centroly

Bulk File Renamers

theRenamer, Szyszka, Massive File Renamer, Massren, Renamer, PowerRename, File Renamer Diff, Ant Renamer

Calculator Sites

RapidTables, CalculatorSoup, QuickMath, Number Empire, EasyCalculation, CalculatorHut, Calculation Calculator,, Justfreetools, Calculatio, Keisan Online Calculator,, Online Calculator, CalculatorT, Ultra Calculator, Calculator Online, GIGAcalculator, All-In-One Calculator


Calendly, Zoho Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Edo Agenda, Calendar, Tweek, TinyMonth, Reclaim, TOAST UI Calendar, Gantt, Morgen, VIR

Calibre Libraries,,,,

Calibre Tools

Character / Word Counters

Sites Compilation, Online Character Count Tool, Character Counter, Character Count Tool, Online Character Count, LetterCount, The Word Counter, Charcounter, Word Counter, Character Counter, charactercount

Clipboard Managers

ArsClip, ClipboardMemo, CopyQ, Free Clipboard Viewer, ClipAngel, XClipper, MultiClipBoardSlots, Clipboard Canvas, Xtra Clipboard, Control V, Clipper

Code Editors

CudaText, Lapce, SpaceVim, Pulsar, The Ultimate vimrc, Vim, Lite XL, Kakoune, Brackets, Micro, Komodo Edit, Textadept, Spacemacs, Notepad2, Sublime Text, Light Table, 4coder, Warp, Avalonia UI, massCode, Amp, Visual Studio Code, Graviton, BBEdit, Vim-LaTeX, ecode

Online Code Editors

JSFiddle, W3Schools' Tryit, Collabedit, Portacode, Ideone, PlayCode, ObjGen, html-css-js

Mac Code Editors

Coding Tutorials

RIP Tutorial, Programiz, Python Tutor, calmcode, Tuts 4 You, Codelabs, Free Ebook Foundation's Interactive Programming Tutorials, Nayuki, ZetCode, Xah Code, Codings Point,, Guru99, Use My Notes, Ultimate Programming All-in-One Tutorials, FreeCourseSite, Project Based Learning, Javatpoint, Techno Smarter

Color Palette Generators

Colormind, SchemeColor, ColorSpace, Material Palette, Adobe Color, 0to255, Bootflat, BrandColors, colorful gradients, COLOURlovers, CoolHue, Flat UI Colors 2, Material UI, Color Hunt, ColorsWall, Pigment, Image to Color Palette Generator, ColourCode, Colorscales,, Color Palette Generator, ColorBox, Eva Design System, Scale,, Color Lisa, Cohesive Colors, Color Leap, ColorHuddle, Coolors, UI Colors, Randoma11y, Pywal, ColorKit, Color Picker, Huemint

Color Pickers

Colordot, Sorted CSS Colors, Chroma, Adobe Color, Color Deck, ColorKit, Colorpicker, Culrs, COLORWISE, Geenes, Image Color Picker, Instant Eyedropper, Khroma, Just Color Picker, Material Design Palette Generator, Picular, React Color, Leonardo, Colors, Color Picker, cccolor, instant-eyedropper, ColorKit's Color Picker, epick, Pixie

Collaboration Platforms

Doozy, Zulip, Miro, Mattermost, Twake, Asana, Freedcamp, Lumeer, Slab, TipiCalls, Focalboard, WeKan, Kanboard, Skiff, Mural, Dendron, Lucidchart, Trello, Planka, Taskcafe, Room, Atlassian, linear

Cooking YouTube Channels

Babish Culinary Universe, Jamie Oliver, Bon Appétit, Mythical Kitchen, Peaceful Cuisine, Seonkyoung Longest, You Suck At Cooking, Nino's Home, Adam Ragusea, 조꽁드Joconde's baking, Ruby Ka Kitchen

Copy Google Drives

GdriveCloneWeb, Google Drive Copy Folder, googledrive-copy-downloader, TgFolderClone, Telegram-CloneBot, Copy Folder, gdrive-clone, Telegram File Tools, Google Drive Clone Bot

Command Line Shells

fish, Elvish, Es, Ion, Yash, Xonsh, Nushell

Compression Programs

SuperCompression, PeaZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver, unzip-online, pigz, GNU Gzip, ezyZip, FreeArc, UltraARC, p7zip-zstd, RazorX 2, FileOptimizer, bzip2, Bandizip, TUGZip, 7-Zip ZS,, IZArc, ZIP Extractor, Zipware, WinZip, Efficient Compression Tool, Minuimus

Covers / Posters

The Poster Database, Cover Century, covrik, DVD Covers, Cover Addict VIP, Gaming Alexandria, POSTER-MAN, dlhCollections, The Poster Collector, Movie Posters Gallery, Film on Paper, GameTDB, JoBlo, /r/MoviePosterPorn, andydecarli, IMP Awards, Moviemania, Fanart

Album Art

The Mosh Crypt, Album Art Downloader, kunst, Apple-Music-Animated-Artwork-Fetcher

Customizable New Tab Page

Minimal Startpage, nightTab, hexagonTab, CaretTab, mesmerized, Bonjourr, Perfect Home, Yet Another Speed Dial, Tabliss, Epiboard, Infinity New Tab, b2ntp, Terminal-style new tab page

Custom Rich Discord Presence

CustomRP, CustomDiscordRPC, DiscordRPCMaker

Data Visualization Tools

Data GIF Maker, Flourish, Datawrapper, chartd, Chart.xkcd, QuickChart, Percival, Histogram Maker, amCharts, ACME Chartmaker, ParaView

Decentralized Social Networks

Misskey, Twetch, Manyverse, Friendica, Hubzilla, Movim

Mastodon Tools

Web Client / Desktop Client / Schedule /Twitter Sync, Instances, Twitter Account Link, Embedded Feeds, Timelines

Federated Social Networks


Design Resources

design-resources-for-developers, Freebies.ByPeople, IM Creator, Design Bundles, Design Resources,, GraphicBurger, GraphicsFuel, Pixeden, Sketch Repo, Interfacer, Freebiesbug, Sketch App Sources, FreebiesUI, Envato Elements Collection, Creative Fabrica,, Evernote.Design, GFXTRA, XSGames,, UI STORE DESIGN, Charco, Craftwork, Pixelbuddha, squax, 𝖌𝖗𝖕𝖍𝖈 𝖉𝖘𝖌𝖓 𝖇𝖆𝖈𝖐𝖚𝖕, all 4 designer, Kropes Leaking Server, Gift4Designer, GFXMountain, Buckets Of Bookmarks

Developer Tools

Free-for-students, DevToys,, WebdevHome, Eclipse Foundation, DevBox, Free Developer Stuff, Tiny Tools, Clean CSS, Dev Resources, Developer Tools and Resources,, Utilities and Tools Online, Free Online Tools for Everyone, String Functions, Online String Tools, Convert String, Coders Tool, Coder’s Toolbox,, Prototypr, AppDevTools, IT Tools, Addy, toolki, Coding Tools

Dev YouTube Channels

Awesome-Youtube-Channels, Web Dev / Programming YouTube Channels, Bro Code, Hitesh Choudhary, Awesome YouTube Channels

Discord Embed Generators

PSDiscord, Discohook, Embed Generator, 0x71 Discord Embed API, Da webhook masta, TitanEmbeds

Discord Server / Bot Lists

DISBOARD, Discord Labs, Discord Servers, Discadia, DiscordList,, Discord Me, Disforge, Find a Discord, Open Source Projects


BotBlock,, Bots on Discord, Discord Bots, Top Bots, Motion Botlist, Infinity Bot List, Discord Services, DiscordBots, Discord Bot List, Carbon Bot List,, TopCord, YABL, Wonder Bot List, Void Bots, Discord Botlist

Disk Usage Analyzers

WinDirStat, HDSentinel, CrystalDiskInfo, Macrorit Partition Expert, Gdu, dua, SpaceRadar, Diskovery, DiskInfo, Erdtree

DNS Filters

1Hosts, DNS for Family, CleanBrowsing, personalDNSfilter, hBlock, how to make the internet not suck (as much), MVPS HOSTS, Hosts File Aggregator, Spamhaus, NxFilter, dns-blocklists

Domain Info Tools

WhoisRequest, Rankchart, Harpoon, MXToolBox, Whois Lookup, IPIP.NET, BillCipher, WebStatsDomain

Docker Tools

Desktop, TUI, Analyze Images, Container Automation, Port Forwarding, Log Viewer, Disk Usage Manager, Image Linter, Container Monitor, Notifications, Podman Compose

DOS Games

DOS Games Archive, DOSBox, DOS HAVEN, The Software Library, Best Old Games, DOSGames, PlayDOSGames, RGB Classic Games, Abandonware DOS, Online DOS games

Down Site Checkers

Is The Service Down?,, Downdetector, websitedown, Is it up?, UpDown Radar, Xenu's Link Sleuth, lychee, Dead Link Checker, Online Broken Link Checker, Dr. Link Check

Drive Formatting / File Deletion

Eraser, File Shredder, SDelete, Lethe, ATS File Shredder, WIPERAPP, O&O FileErase, Permanent Delete, UltraShredder, Easy File Shredder, HDShredder, SSuite File Shredder and Burner, Low Level Format, Zer0, Alternate File Shredder, Permadelete

Email Clients

Betterbird, ElectronMail, BlueMail, Claws Mail, eM Client, RainLoop, Roundcube, Spike, Canary, Twobird, Kanmail, Gmail Desktop

Email Forwarding

Forward Email, SimpleLogin, Firefox Relay, spamgourmet, Burner Mail,, Mailsac, AnonAddy, altmails,, YOPmail, Mailgw,

Telegram Bots

Fake Mail,, 💳 Credit Card Generator 💳



Email Sites

Dispostable, GMX, German GMX,,

Encode / Decode URLs

Online Tools, DenCode, AES encryption tool, Online UTF8 Tools, pubKey, age online, Universal Cyrillic decoder, cryptii, Enigma machine, Base64 E/D, Encode/Decode, Base64.Guru, Base64Decoder, URL Decode Online, URL Encode/Decode, Base64 Decode and Encode, Base64 encoder & decoder, Motobit

Encrypted Android Messengers

Status, Confide, Anonymous Messenger, ChatSecure, Snikket, RetroShare, BiP, Olvid, Berty, OpenKeychain, Dust, NewNode, Kontalk, Wire, Briar

Encrypted Email Services

Enigmail, PrivateMail, Mailfence, OnionMail, Tildamail, Disroot, Tutanota, GMX, Neomailbox, CounterMail, Mailpile,, SecureNym, OnMail, Skiff Mail, Dark Net Mail Exchange

Encrypted Messengers

Matrix Home Servers

Conduit, Public Matrix Homeservers, Public Matrix Homeservers Archive, Public Servers

Encrypted XMPP Servers

Server List, Creep, Hot Chilli, /, dismail, blah, xabber, Gajim,

External Subs Player

Subtitle-Buddy, Greenfish, SubtitlePlayer, FreeSubtitlePlayer

FFmpeg Tools

GUI, 2 / Batch Encoder / M3u8 Download / Builds / Autobuild / Guide, 2 / Cheat Sheet / Script / Command Generator, 2 / WebM Converter

Flash Player Tools

F2P Games


Free Game Sites, Acid Play, /v/'s recommended games wiki, GoGoFreeGames

Fun Indexes, AIDN, Neave / 2, BoredHumans, puissant, ThisIsMyWebsiteNow, Mr.doob, Bimble Space, Creative Tech Guy, Just For Fun, Andrew Marsh, JenniferDewalt, Chrome Experiments, 0x2a, yezi, topster, p5aholic,, Drunk Men Work Here, WilliamHoza, Rinkworks

Free DNS Servers

Free VPN Configs

Free Webhosting Sites

profreehost, 000webhost, infinityfree, openshift, vercel, openode, cloudaccess, Gitlab Pages, glitch,, coolify, wix,, webs, weebly, yola, wordpress / 2, jimdo, awardspace, pythonanywhere, droppages, Zeronet, Zeronet 2, ibm cloud, hubzilla, site123, hostbreak, tilda,, BitBucket,, render, Fleek, stormkit, freehosting, freewebhostingarea, freenom / Script, milkshake, ikoula, fanspace, dotera, fc2, w3schools, freehostia, olitt, uhostfull, x10hosting, lenyxo, yunohost, 1freehosting,, ultifreehosting, aeonfree, bravenet, atspace, aava, netlib

File Backup Tools

Cloning Tools, BackupPC, TeraCopy, DeltaCopy, restic / GitHub, UrBackup, BlobBackup, ZPaq, SafeCopy, FastCopy, OCCT, Aomei, Duplicati, Borg, USBImager, Toucan, Kopia

File Conversion Tools

Bear File Converter, FreeConvert, Online Convert, Convertio, Zamzar, Online Converter, Format Factory, File-Coversion, PPT Online, File-Conversion, AnyConvert, Converter 365, MiConv, 11zon, Webp2JPGjs, Convert Town, ACConvert, ConvertFiles, .to Sites, Better Converter, xConvert, conversion-tool, onlineconvertfree, go4convert, videoutils, 101convert, FormatSwap

Telegram Bots

convrt_bot, FileConvertBot, newfileconverterbot, SmartConverter_bot, cloud_convert_bot, wololopdfbot, pdfbot, Gpdfbot

File Download Managers

File Encryption Tools

EncFS MP, Hat, GNUPG, GPG4Win, Encrypto, FreeCrypt, Vmola, Kryptor, SecureFolderFS, wdcrypt, Picocrypt

File Recovery Tools

R-Undelete, PhotoRec, StellarInfo, Windows File Recovery, DMDE, Recuva, TestDisk

File Sharing Tools

Cloud Storage

dropbox / Client, unlimcloud, terabox, icedrive, trainbit, degoo, alfafile, aliyundrive, backblaze, perkeep, filen, internxt, MrOwl, storj, PCloud, myDrive, KodCloud, Infinity Upload, Blackhole, filelu,, Blomp / 200GB Trick, T-Drive, JumpShare, xpipe

Multi Host Uploaders

Z-o-o-m, MirrorAce, MultiUp / 2, Mirrorcreator, PlowShare

File Hosts, sharedrop, xkcd949, wetransfer / Unlimited, justbeamit, lufi, share.riseup, ufile,, swisstransfer , FireLoad, cyberdrop,, tresorit / 2, SecureHa, dropden, catbox, demo.lufi, filewhopper, filedropper, tusfiles, takemetospace, safe.0x0, iizu, chibisafe, transferfile racaty, netnaijafiles, msafe, btrfs, fuckingweeb, imouto, edisk, ttm, youdbox, send-anywhere, 9xupload, indishare, desiupload, uploadflix, filestore, uploadraja,, megaup,, sfile,, teknik, starfiles, opacity, send / instances, Gokapi, zofile, blackhost, File Garden, ninjashare, workupload, uploadboy,, thgss, onuploads, moepantsu, pomf, cockfile, uguu,, volkor, easyupload, cloudghost, filebin, tiny-files, up-4ever, easyupload, fromsmash, androiddownload, prefiles, fileblade, usersdownload, fshare, sharry, anoxinon, filefactory, rapidshare, jptorrent, batshare, depositFiles, FastShare, sendbig, filemail, fileconvoy, anarkrypto, fileditch, fileaxa, manyuploading, fex, oshi, chomikuj, sharemods, 2shared, dropsend, filetransfer, dropmefiles, lagout, file-upload,, Midi, expirebox, fastupload, hitfile, file-post, userupload,, Keep2Share, uploadgig, uploadsome, chedrives, vpscairo,, 0xg0, uploadhub,, filechan, anonupload, LetsUpload, DropGalaxy,, akmfiles, grosfichiers, ti1ca, uploadonall, usersdrive, zeroupload, tomacloud, xup, hotfile,, myfile, LolaBits

File Sync / Network Share

dropbox / Client, keybase,, Transfernow, onionshare, OwnCloud, MLDonkey, Slate, etesync, WinSCP, freefilesync, allwaysync, sharik, Simple.Savr, FileBrowser, KDEConnect, Resilio, croc, Ziggs, dsynchronize, landrop, uploadtransfer, Surge, odin, brig, saladroom, passfile, / GitHub, / GitHub, sendfiles, XD-Torrent, lightning, croc, RDrop, webdrop, MyAirBridge, Sprend, JumboMail, PlusTransfer, SmartFTP, Wing FTP, Xlight, uschovna, posilej, filetransfer, Diode, WebWormhole, Destiny, filepress, consyn, sharrr, Photon, rsync, Unison

Android File Sync

dropbox / Sync / croc, Clipt, Leaf Explorer, xShare, InShare, Arc, syncopoli, ShareX


Skynet, 2

Nutrition / Ingredients

FoodStruct, OpenFoodFacts / Scanner, Tellspecopedia, Nutritionix, Soosee, Yuka

FMovies Clones

Game Download CSE

Game Engines

Game Engine Collection

Godot, Defold, Cave Engine, Engine Bevy, OpenXRay, ursina engine, cryengine, stride3d / GitHub, armory3d / GitHub, torque3d / GitHub, Torque2D, cocos / GitHub, starling / GitHub

Game Guides

GameGuides, Retro Game Strategy Guides, Game8, StrategyWiki, GamePressure, Beebom, ItStillWorks, G-Unleashed, PowerPyx, Samurai Gamers, UHS Hints, Kirklands Manual Labor

Game Libraries / Launcher

Launchbox, GameHub / GitHub, Arc, Gnome Games, Fuzion

Game Mods

ZagruzkaMods, NextGenUpdate, ModWorkshop, Video Game Mods, Silent's Blog, WabbaJack / Discord, GameFront, GameJunkie, VIP Mods,,, Top Mods, CurseForge / Search, Mods Gamer, GameJunkie,, GameBanana

GDrive File Sharing

Git Projects

Movies, TV, Anime, KDrama

Google Piracy Discussion Groups

Grammar Check

Wordtune, HemingwayApp, Grammark, SlickWrite, Ginger Software, LanguageTool, Grammarly, Grammica, Ludwig, Scribbr, Writer, WordCounter, RewriteTools, TextGears, PolishMyWriting , Reverso Spellcheck, spellcheckplus, GrammarCheck, ContentRow, BibMe, DeepL Write, PaperPal

Graph / Diagram Creators

app.diagrams / Git, Dia, RawGraphs, Draw, yEd Live, Mermaid, lybniz, LineGraphMaker, SwimLanes, Quiver, Gephi, Graphviz / Editor, graphonline, GraphGPT, Diagramify

Graphic Design Tools

Design Cap, lunacy, Desygner, Canva, Stencil, Design Studio, Snappa, FotoJet, Emaze, ArtBoard, Venngage, VistaCreate, PosterMyWall, Pixelied, blush

Health News


medicinenet, medpagetoday, everydayhealth, medscape, healthline, webmd

Hide YouTube Shorts


shorts-deflector or youtube-shorts-block


yt-anti-shorts or youtube-shorts

Icon Download Sites

Awesome Stock Resources, Icon Repositories, IconFinder, IconSeeker, SimpleIcons, Noun Project, tablericons, Gumroad, IconPacks, Streamline, game-icons, ikonate, iconmonstr, styled-icons, glitter-graphics, Icon Archive, IconDuck, HeroIcons, fontawesome,, EvaIcons, publicicons, getbootstrap, remixicon, IconSets, flexiple, uispace, freeicons, Quick Feather Icons, illlustrations, vector.toolxox, icon icons, fontawesome icons, feathericons, IconHub, icons-for-free, RealFaviconGenerator, Material Icons, TheForgeSmith, Basic Icons, CaptainIconWeb, entypo, mapsicon, materialui, iconoir, weather-icons, typicons, topcoat, standart, stackicons, pathlove, Octicons, kudakurage, ionic, iconstore, icomoon, zurb, fontello, devicons, grommet,, icons modulz, tabler icons, iconshock, eos-icons, 1001freedownloads, iconsvg, polaris, ionicons, SuperTinyIcons, systemuicons, healthicons, iconsplace, icofont, Phosphor Icons, lineicons, Icon Drives, streamlinehq, iconify, heroicons, fluenticons, iconer, feather.netlify, jam-icons, dryicons, cleanicons, cappuccicons

Image Colorization

Petalica Paint, MyHeritage In Color, 9Mail Restoration, DeOldify, playback, cutout,, hotpot, Colorizer, imagecolorizer,

Image Design Resources

AvaxGFX, Freeject, PDFTree, NitroGFX, Designer Candies, Poliigon, PolyHaven, GraphicPear, FreeDesignResources, /r/BLKMARKET, GraphixTree, PSDLY, CreativeFabrica / PW, Heroturko, CGArchives, SearchGFX, Evernote.Design, Design Resources. Image Design Drives, Quasual, designersgan9, WockupWorld, The GFX, Graphics Materials, desiignertm, all_psd, designbloody, designarchiv, grphc dsgn

Image Download Extensions

Download all Images, Cute Save Button, DownAlbum, Cute Save Button, Download all Images, Save Images, svgexport, svg-grabber, SVG Gobbler, Image Picka

Image Editing

Editing Software

Gimp, 2 / Photoshop UI

PhotoDemon,, Photoscape, PhotoFiltre, Polarr, ImageMagick / Scripts, Pinta Project, RawTherapee, Pixeluvo, Luna Paint (VS Code), Gimel Studio, Luminar, MagickUtils

Online Editors

Photopea / Ad Script

Pixlr, Photomate, BeFunky, Resize Pixel, Lunapic, Polotno Studio, OIE, IMG online, BitMappery, Kapwing, Photoshop.adobe, ILoveImg, Panzoid, Stet, GifGit, Polarr, UpperPix, webp2jpg, Picverse, Image Online, Fotor, PictureEditor, PhotoStack, Facet, Peko-Step, ImageOnline, Tom's Editor, CutMyPic,, Image Resizer, FotoFlexer

Image Hosts

WebOasis IPFS, imghut, Shutterfly, FreeImage.Host, snipboard,, Postimages, imgbox, pasteboard, vgy, i, tixte, linkpicture, imagebam, imagevenue, pixelfed / 2, talaikis, imgchest, ụphinh, upanhtv, sendpic, Lutim, Lensdump / Discord,, anhsieuviet, Slowpoke Pics

Image Upscalers

Waifu2x, Upscayl, GigaPixel, upscaler, Bigjpg, Crunch, TechblogUP, PNG-Upscale, Cupscale, Upscaler Stockphotos, ImageUpscaler / 2, Upscale Media, Zyro Upscaler, Nicescaler, DFDNet, Nero AI, SDUpscale, JPEG Quantsmooth, imgupscaler, chaiNNer, torch-srgan, ultimate-upscale

Waifu2x Tools

Guide / Colab / GUI, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


ESRGAN Models, Upscale Model Database, ESRGAN

Image to Text


Text Grab, TextShot, OnlineOCR, IMG2TXT, NewOCR, OCR.SPACE, Project Naptha, Extract text from image, 2ocr, free-online-ocr, i2ocr, ImageToText, OnlineOCR, pomodoro, ImageScanOCR

Image Viewers


qimgv, nomacs, ImageGlass, PhotoQt, PicView, Image Eye, qView, Quick Picture Viewer / Git, Fragment, qView, HoneyView, Visum

Image Galleries / Optimization

XnView MP

CloudImage, imagga, kraken, cloudinary,, zara4, RawTherapee, Digikam, picturama, Piwigo, Photonix, PiGallery2, Immich, narrative, ImageWorsener

Interactive Math Sites

AoPS Alcumus

Cut The Knot, Mathlets, GeoGebra, Mathspad

Internet Speed Test

fast / CLI

LibreSpeed, Xfinity Speed Test, DLS Reports, Bandwidth Place, Cloudflare, Speedtest, wifiman, Net Speed Meter, PeerFast (P2P), Speedtest-Tracker, GoogleFiber, speedtestcustom, SpeedOf.Me, BroadbandSpeedChecker,, att, speedcheck, testmyspeed, speedtest, testmy, Meter, CIRA, Speedsmart, OpenSpeedTest

Android Apps

FAST, Meteor, FCC Speed Test, Simple Speed, Speed Test Android, WiFi Meter

iOS Apps

FCC Speed Test, Iperf 3, Speedsmart, SpeedSpeed, Speed Test Master, Meteor

IP Checkers

My IP Address, WhatIsMyIPAdress, IPInfoDB, IP Burger, NSUpdate, IfConfig, elahmad, myip, WhatIsMyIPLookup, ipturtle, iphorse, ippig, ipchicken,, ip2location, infobyip,, whatsmyip

IP / DNS Leak Tests

IP Leak Tests

BrowserLeaks, Astrill, Comparitech, Netease, Do I leak?, IPLeak / 2 / 3

DNS Leak Tests

DNS Leak Test, Bash DNS Test, DNS Check

IP / Network Tools / 2 / 3, IPVoid, Hacker Target, ipaddressguide, ipfingerprints, centralops, networkappers, dnstools, intodns, networkappers, ipinfo, ViewDNS, DNSChecker, Dotcom Tools, Tools, Webrate, Website.informer, Network Tools, WebsiteScoop, zmap

IPTV Playlists

awesome-iptv-free, iptv-org, IPTVCat / 2, AllIPTV, Leaksat, iptvmate, iptv-gratuits, iptvsat,, iptv4sat, iptv-work, xtemus, Hacxx-Free-IPTV,, index.m3u, IPTVList, Free-TV, IPTV Screwed

IPTV Tools

Forum / Players / Manager / SmartTV Players / Playlists / Search / m3u to txt / M3U Editor / M3U Downloader / Dummy EPG / HLS Downloader, CLI

IRC Book Sites

  • irc://
  • irc:// / Request Guide

Jigsaw Puzzles

jigidi, jigsawonline, jigsawplanet, puzzlefactory, epuzzle, dkmgames, jigzone, jigcardgallery, justjigsawpuzzles, Puzzle Party, Jigsaw Explorer, jiggie

Keyboard Testers

Key Test, KeyboardTester / 2, keyboard-tester, keytest / 2, keyboard-test, keyboardtestt, keyboardchecker, keyboardtest

Kodi Tools

LibGen Mirrors

LibGen Tools

Desktop / Mobile, 2 / Search Extension / Need Seeds / Python Script / CLI / Backup / /r/libgen

SafeLinking, bdwp, Gdrivez, UpToLink,, externallink, BrBushare, KeepLinks, ShortLinkto

Linux Distros

Linux Themes

Gnome-Look, Themix, Arc, Numix, Evopop, Flatablous, Flatablous Arc, Material Ocean, Ant, xfce-look

Live Webcams

EarthCam, Explore, Opentopia, The Webcam Network, WebcamGalore, WebcamTaxi, WorldCams, WorldCam, BalticLiveCam, SkylineWebcams, CamStreaner, /r/controllablewebcams / Discord, PicTimo, WXYZWebcams snoweye, camscape, whatsupcams, worldcam, webcamhopper,, Windy Webcams, Insecam, Airport Webcams (Airports), TFLJamCams, seattlesouthside, portugal-live, livecamcroatia, myrtlebeach, sootoday, interlochen, whitehouse cam, yellowstone cam, carowinds, zellamsee, wpri, hdontap, floridakeyswebcams, earthtv, geocam, livefromiceland, world-cam, mangolinkworld, mylivestreams, spain-grancanaria, visitlondon, ctsfl, aruba, fogcam, bigrigtravels, lochness, abbeyroad, camsecure, ISS

Animal Cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Curlie Webcam Animals, San Diego Zoo,, AnimalsLife, Africam, NationalZoo, BirdCams, CritterYard, AquariumOfPacific

M3U Players

PlaylistEditorTV, ustvgo-iptv, LivePush

M4UFree Clones

M4uFree, Streamm4u / 2,, m4uhd / 2, m4umv

Magic / Esoteric Telegram Ebooks

Manga Downloaders

HakuNeko / Github

Comics Downloader, Comic-DL, work_crawler, MangaBot, Manga Downloader, HDoujinDownloader, FMD2, mangadesk, mdownloader, manga2mobi, Akianonymus, simple-manga-downloader, mangodl, anime-dl / 2, manga-py, mangal

Manga Readers

AllMangasReader, Houdoku, Adolla, OpenComic, Tachidesk-Sorayomi, isoComic, Manga-Organizer, MangaOnlineViewer, LANraragi


HappyPanda X, Tenma, KavitaReader, Komikku, Mango, Tanoshi, Komga / GitHub / Discord

Manually Scrape Sites

Add the following commands to a search to manually scrape each site.

Try on google, duckduckgo, yandex & yahoo.

-inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)(Archive Scrape)

Media File Data Automation

MediaMonkey, mnamer, MediaInfo / Online, tinyMediaManager, Bruji, FileBot, MediaElch

Media Servers

Mind Mapping


MindMup, FreeMind, Kinopio, Mindomo, Yuque, MindMapp,, Domino, GitMind, xTiles, Capacities, bubbl, Heimer, Cubox

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Coggle, CardSmith, Memrey, MindMeister

Minecraft Mods

UsefulMods, CurseForge / Search, Planet Minecraft, Modrinth, MC Archive, Alternatives

Minecraft Optimization Mods

OptiFine, Sodium / Indium / Extra, Phosphor, Ferrite Core, Caffeine, Lithium, Ares, MinecraftTweaker, VulkanMod

Minecraft Servers

MineColab / GitHub, MineFort, Minehut, PloudOS, Aternos, FreeMCServer / uBO Filter, Cuberite

Mouse Gestures

FoxyGestures (firefox), Gesturefy (firefox), CrxMouse (chrome), Simple Gesture (firefox)

Modded APKs

TeamOS, nsane.down, RevDl, Sbenny, farsroid, AndroidRepublic, ApkModsApp, Android1, DZAPK, PDALife, APK Home, DL King, Modding United / Telegram, APKdownload, AKMods, APKKit, modyolo


Modded Central / Backup

Streamiza / Discord, MixRoot Mods, DroidApks, ModCombo, apkmod_s, apkfolkspro, pcandroidsoftware, sserratty_hack, Glype , alexstranniklite, AMRTSOFFICIAL, ANiK555_Mods, AppKaMods, Paidapppcsoftware, TharakMods, marioworlds4u, EasyAPK, GoldenBoot_Mods_Re, dumpmods, faloojein, IC_Mods, allapkforfree, Moderse, AyraProject, Modules Repositor,

Modded Minecraft Launchers

MultiMC, Badlion, OG tLauncher, HMCL, TechnicPack,, RPMLauncher, LabyMod, Crystal Launcher, Feather Client / Discord, GDLauncher, X Minecraft Launcher

Multi Image Tool Sites

WebOasis Editors, Hotot, RedKetchup, VertexShare, ImageConvert, MyPhotoFilter, Img2Go, BrandFolder, fffuel, ImgLarger, Convertmyimage, SocialBook, Mara, StitchTool / GitHub, Bloggif, BatchWatermark, FastStone, ConvertImage, PicWish, onlinejpgtools, OnlinePNGTools, imageamigo, AI Lab

Multiplayer Fixes

Online Fix / Discord

GameRanger, zerotier, wippien, FreeLan, Radmin, Hamachi, XTag, P2P Lan Server, Blu-Games, softether, ZLOEmu


Explore All Multireddits

Piracy / 2 / 3 / 4, Random / 2, Wholesome, Weird YouTube, Streaming / 2, Cord Free TV, Piracy Leaks, News, Tech, Left / 2, Mysteries, Aliens, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Countries / 2, International AskARedditor, Text Only, Chess

Multi Site Cloud Storage Managers

Multi Site Video Downloaders

Sites / Programs

ytDownloader, savieo, TubeOffline, clipconverter, clipgrab, 4kdownload, bitdownloader, you-get, catchvideo, Catch-Tube,, LocoDownloader, Yout,, downloader-ui, Vividl, ddownloader, pastedownload, weibomiaopai, gramvio, tubeninja, savethevideo, dodoconverter, zasasa, ytvideodownloader, ByClickDownloader, Lux, superparse, SCrawler, GrabFrom,, videograbber, godownloader, dobd


Download Helper

Video Downloader, AddonCrop, Cococut, skyload, SVD, Video Downloader Professional, Easy Video Downloader, Unlimited_downloader, y2monkey, FetchV

Multi Text Tool Sites

grabanymedia, GPT-JT, TextCleaner, English Tools, Text Reverse, Text Mechanic, Smodin, DrAssignment, Word Hippo, I Love It, ToggleCase, ConvertCase, ConvertertoGenerator,, onlinecaseconvert, MadeInText, TitleCapitalize, Edubirdie, changetocase, Alphabetize

Multi Tool Sites

Mr Free Tools

PineTools, 123Apps, iTools, Framasoft, Browserling Tools, Dan's Tools, WebBrowserTools, ManyTools, Comment Picker, OSINT Combine, MxToolbox, Rumkin, Sumo, Melobytes, UnitPedia, prepostseo, Digital Methods, Flippity, AppsCyborg, JNCK Media, BlackHost, BfoTool, SeoMagnifier, Romanr, Prepostseo, FreeToolOnline,, JMMG Tools,, tinywow, Self Publishing Titans, Inettools, TuckTools, Ian Coleman,, URL Decode, Onlitools, ChatONS, FreeToolOnline, goonlinetools, garyshood, RandomTools, Toptal, piliapp, FreeTools, KodyTools, aruljohn, Argyle, WDZSoftware, Toolki

Music Libraries / Players


Roon, iTunes, Clementine, Audacious, OvoPlayer, Strawberry, Exaile, JakJuk, Amarok, Hysolid, aidoru, Modular Player, goMP, NCurses, XMPlay (Chiptune-Friendly), guayadeque, musique, sonata, exaile, quodlibet, deadbeef, groovebasin, destroyer, Ampache / GitHub, MusikCube, Volumio, Museeks, Swing Music, Nora, Hyperchroma, Melodie, Dopamine


Auddly, Music Player Daemon

Foobar2000 Tools

Components, 2 / VU Meter, Scrobble


cmus, Tauon Music Box, Lollypop / 2, Audacious, Rhythmbox, Amberol, Subsonic, g4music, dopamine


Cog, Cider / GitHub

Name & Identity Generators

Fake Data, minirandom, namegenerators,, igopaygo, Fake Name Generator, fakepersongenerator, datafakegenerator, elfqrin, fakedetail, fauxid, fakexy, Temp Name

Address Generators

textreverse, anytexteditor, fakeaddresscopy, usaddressgenerator, thecompleteseo

News Feed Aggregators

spidr, All Sides, NewsNow, Google News,, TechMeme, RealClearPolitics, Their News, Lobsters / Highlighter, 68k News, Readspike,, Ground News, The Brutalist Report, Bastyon, Upstract, Otherweb, AlDaily,, Fark, FlipBoard, jimmyr

Note Taking / To Do Apps

Tiddly / Desktop, QuickTab, AppFlowy / GitHub, Joplin / Firefox / Chrome, GoogleKeepClone, DecksApp, TinyList, Simplenote, SilentNotes / GitHub, Standard Notes, QOwnNotes, TiddlyWiki, Idaesbasic, Zim Wiki, Glory Todo Desktop, TickTick, OpenToDoList, Laverna, wikidPad, Turtl, tomboy-ng, FromScratch, Taskwarrior, Super Productivity, Rnote, Fokus, Planner, ToDo R, rebel, NotesMan, Notesnook, Columns, Zenkit, Vikunja, Lorien, tuxBoard, Google keep, ZippyJot, MemOnNotepad, Skiff, ToDoZero, DoNotes, notely, AFFiNE, Butterfly / Discord, Microsoft To Do, Bear, Roam, UseMemos, benotes

Office Suites

Open Directory Search String Builder

strixx, lendx, eyeofjustice, lumpysoft, opendirsearch, Ewasion, Palined, doyouneedmorehdd, FonetAsk, Reecemercer, odfinder, thuvien

Open Source APKs

FossDroid / /r/fossdroid, Awesome Android, Open-Source Android Apps, /r/u_Jackie7610, AAA, Cool FOSS / GitHub, Simple Mobile Tools, We Love Codeberg

Open Source Intelligence Indexes

OSINT All / 2, OSINT Framework, OSINT Essentials, OSINT Collection, OSINT Sources, Investigator Tools, geoint, OSINT Tools, Sector035, Nixintel's OSINT, datajournalism-resources, UK-OSINT, OSINTGeek, Awesome-Telegram-OSINT, Hackers Arise OSINT,, osinttechniques, Ressources, whatisosint, osintdojo, 300m, einvestigator, researchclinic, toddington, reuser, booleanstrings, coreysdigs, Bellingcat, cProject Owl, RedTeam-Resources, Quick_OSINT_bot, Awesome Forensics Tools, OSINT Collection, cipher387, osint4all, OSINT Tools, osint, asint_collection, dig intel, inteltechniques, Social Media , midasearch, osint-resources, Malfrat's Industries Map, OSHINT, SIS Record Search


Origami Club,, Origami-Tutorial, TheSpruceCrafts , Origami-Fun, Origami Resource Center, Origami Way, Origami Japan, Origami-make, GatheringBeauty, PopShopAmerica

OS Emulators

Package Managers

Scoop, CouleursToolbox, Patch My PC, WinInstall, Scoop The Installer, RuckZuck, 0Install, portableapps

Password Data Breach Check

HaveIBeenPwned PW

Intelligence X, psbdmp, Dehashed, Spycloud, PasswordSearchBot, ScatteredSecrets

Password Generators

HawkPass, StrongPasswordGenerator, PassSnip, ExpressVPN PW Generator, MOAC, Clover, passwrd, RepasswordGenerator, silverhammermba, PasswordsGenerator, DiceWare, Bitwarden PW Generator, Passphrase Generator

Password Managers


TextBin, paste,,, paste2, pastelinks, bin.idrix, teknik, ghostbin / 2,, paste.mozilla, paste.ubuntu, pastebin,, blackhost, protectedtext, Cl1p, shortbin, sicp, throwbin, dpaste / 2, copydock, riseup pad, tempaste, zPaste, bitbin,, fssquad, txt, peeplink, controlc, paaster, nopaste, pastery, privatebin,,, bpa, bin,, sprunge, clbin, nekobin, hasbin, Defuse, gocatgo, zerobin,, Hasty Paste, bucketex, hardbin, hatebin, pastemytxt, txtpaste, pastecode, hastebin, pastehere

PDF Editors / Toolkits


iLovePDF, Smallpdf, PDF24, PDFCandy, SodaPDF, PDFonFly, PDFShelter, DocHub, PDFRedizer, PDFRock, FreePDFConvert, LightPDF, DeftPDF, AvePDF, PDF2Go, CleverPDF, PDFForge, MyPDFTools, chromePDF, PDFYeah, PDFZorro, PDFConverterOnline, LocalPDF, pdfux


Acrobat Pro / Guide

xPDFReader, PDFBox, PDFescape, OpenPDF, PDFedit, PDFSam, PDFCore, PDFEraser, PDFShaper, PoDoFo, pdftkb, pdf-analyzer, PDF Forge, PDFInsider, PDFChef, Didier Stevens PDF Tools (CLI)

Periodic Tables

The Periodic Table Of Elements, Periodic Table, Images-Of-Elements, Graph Overflow, 3D Periodic Table, PeriodicTableApp, Periodic Table, Ptable, WebElements, Elements Database

Persian Video Download


Ichi, Bento, Beacon, MyURLs, Carrd,, FlowCode,,, CreatorSites, ContactInBio, Campsite,, Horizon, LinkFree,, dialo, linkr,

Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker, PaperRater, Quetext, PlagiarismDetector, CopyScape, PLText, plagiarismchecker, duplichecker, unicheck, plagiarismsearch, plagiarismcheckerx, Fixgerald, copyleaks, plagiarismchecker, plagium

Piracy Site Proxies

Unblockit / /r/Unblockit

Knaben's Proxy List, TorrentMirror, unblockninja, uProxy, unblocktorrent, TorrentBay, / 2 / 3 / 4, piracyproxy, unblockedfor, unblocksource, dirproxy, ProxyNinja, ABCProxy, Squid Proxy

Poll Sites

PollCode, YoPolls,, minipoll, PickVote, StrawPoll, framadate, mobpoll, polltab, voteupapp, polling-app, starvoting,,, matepoll, typeform

Live Polling Apps

slido, Feedbackr, Trypingo

Popupblocker All, Popup Blocker Strict / GitHub, PopUpOFF, PopupBlocker, Popup & Script Blocker Ultimate, Poper Blocker

Portable Apps, Portapps, FC Portables, Portable Freeware, Windows Portable Apps, PortableAppZ

Portuguese Browser Games

Portuguese Bibles

Portuguese Dictionaries / Thesaurus

Portuguese Grammar Tips & Lessons

Portuguese Recipes

amandocozinhar, Uniao, varandadobolo, receitasdemais, receitasnotadez, saborintenso, cozinhadonabenta, anamariabraga, vovopalmirinha, gastronomias, tecnonoticias, tudoreceitas, tudogostoso, receitasnestle, panelinha, receitasdecomida, cybercook, culinaria, petiscos, receitaseduguedes, teleculinaria, dietaereceitas, receitasdecomidas, gastronomianobrasil, receiteria, comidasimples, receitasagora, cantinhovegetariano, Emagrecer

Presentation Tools

ZoomIt, Presentator, Carnac, Presen, mentimeter,, Fusuma, Pitch, Deckdeckgo, Zoho Show, Webslides, Desk, Slides, FreeShow, Presenta, OpenLearning, Slideshare / Gif Convert, ScreenRec, Slides / GitHub

Presentation Templates

SlidesGo, Showeet, Slides Carnival, SlideShare Downloader, PresentationGO,, ThePOPP

Proxy Lists


Free-Proxy-List, Proxy-Daily, Cool-Proxy, Proxy4Parsing / Telegram, OpenProxyList, ProxyScrape, proxy-list, proxy list, FreeProxyLists, ProxyNations,, premproxy, cyber-gateway, ree-proxy-list, geonode, web-proxylist, proxyranker, freeproxyupdate, proxypedia, proxydocker, proxyhub, proxy-list, free-proxy-list, proxydb, freeproxy, premiumproxy, proxyservers,, http-proxy-list, monosans list, jetkai list, nntime, proxyscan, megaproxylist

Privacy Based Browsers


Otter, BadWolf, Dot HQ / Discord


Mull-Fenix, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, SmartCookieWeb, Privacy Browser, friendly, InBrowser, Thor, Scoute-Dich

Privacy Guides

Surveillance Self-Defense, Defensive Computing Checklist, Security In A Box, AvoidTheHack, Eldritch Data, OWASP Cheatsheet, madaidans-insecurities, The Hitchhiker’s Guide / 2

Privacy Hardened Firefox

Privacy Tools

Privacy Respecting, Privacy Tools, Awesome Privacy, online-tools-for-the-pandemic, Privacy Tools List, chef-koch / 2 / 3 / 4, Snopyta, Hostux, Awesome Security), Awesome Privacy, Thunix, Zero Data App, De-google-ify Internet, Alternative Internet, Awesome Windows Security, Tzkuat Ressources, PrivacySavvy, The New Oil, awesome-humane-tech, xbdms' Blog,

qBitorrent Tools

QR Code Generators

QR Tiger, QRCodeMonkey, qr-code-generator, amazing-qr, qr_code_generator, QR Code Generator, CodeTwo, Zxing, barcodrod

Custom QR Code Generators, QRpicture, qrcode-generator, qart.js

Radio Streaming Sites

Live Radio

iHeartRadio, OnlineRadioBox, LiveOnlineRadio, WebSDR, System Bus Radio, myTuner, Radio Browser, Deep Web Radio, Zeno, TuneYou, Tvradiotuner,, Radiodeck, VRadio, WorldRadioMap, Streema, vTuner,, TheOneStopRadio, Radio Guide, Xiph

Internet Radio

CoreRadio, CMD, lainchan, RadioParadise, IndieSHuffle, UpBeat, You42, Jango, RadioTunes, Live365, AccuraRadio, Radio.dubbeh, Tilderadio, AnonRadio, UpBeat / Discord,, SomaFM, ShoutCast, Internet-Radio

Random Image Sites, Pretty Flix, Cameron.Red, Funnyjunk, f0ck, ImgFlip, 9Gag, Thread-Puller, IWasteSoMuchTime, iFunny, Imageboard Scraper, KongouCheats, RandomWaffle,

Random Sites

BoredButton, Sharkle!, The Useless Web / 2, JumpStick, OpenBulkURL, The Forest, WhatsMYIP, Random-Website, Wilderness Land, CloudHiker

RARBG Mirrors

Read Paywalled Articles

Burles, Paywall Bypass Index, bypass-paywalls, pocket, bypass-paywalls-firefox-clean / 2, 12ft, Hover Paywalls, Demodal, medium-unlocker, OpenAccessButton, RemovePaywalls, PaywallBypasser

Reddit Alternatives

Lemmy, /r/RedditAlternatives, postmill, Sqwok, kddit, tildes, talk, grepless, communities, FlingUp, Upvote, Hexbear

Reddit Desktop Apps

reditr, baconit, readit, reddit-on-reddhub, reddplanet

Reddit Frontends

xeddit, Reeddit, Saturnus, Inccogsnoo, teddit / 2, troddit, kddit, libreddit / 2 / 3 / 4, Photon

Reddit Streams


Remote Desktop Clients

Parsec, RustDesk / GitHub, RemoteDesktop, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, NoMachine, Remmina, UltraViewer, SplashTop, MSP360, Ammyy, Apache Guacamole, FreeRDP, SimpleHelp, Myrtille, Aspia, TightVNC, getscreen, remoteutilities, p2p, Pop, UVNC, DistantDesktop, RDP, Colab Hacks, ChimeraDesk, PowerRemoteDesktop, Screego / GitHub, Screensy / GitHub,, SharpRDP, HopToDesk, CoScreen


TigerVNC, Oracle VPS, Google VPS 25GB Ram, w-colab, FreeVPS, AppOnFly


InputDirector, Synergy, Barrier, Mouse Without Borders, Nebula, ShareMouse

Remove Vocals

VocalRemover / GUI / 2, PhonicMind, AIVocalRemover, Ultimate Vocal Remover, x-minus, online-vocal-remover, Remove Vocals, vocali, voxremover, mazmazika, demixor, karaoke-maker, mvsep

Resume Makers

RX Resume

cvmkr, resumonk, ceev, creddle, flowcv, cv2you, cvservant, resume-nation, sajilocv, resumemaker, intelligentcv, cakeresume, resumgo, Reactive Resume, kickresume, resumake, Covered

Duplichecker, Image Raider, ascii2d, iqdb, Reverse Image Analyser, SauceNao / Extension, Yandex Images, VISE, SmartImage, berify, Reverse Image Search, RevEye, immerse, ReverseImageSearch, MaxURL, Labnol, Photo Sherlock

Royalty Free Music

Free Music Archive, freesoundtrackmusic, joshwoodward, wowsound, epidemicsound, Pixabay Music, audiomicro, Starfrosch, StreamBeats, Mubert, ccHound, MusicScreen, FilmMusic, Fugue, EDMRF, chosic, Anttis Instrumentals / Torrent, Sampld, BLueFoxMusic

RSS Feed Readers

RavenReader, FeedReader, RSSOwl, CommaFeed, RSSHub, spaRSS, FreshRSS, Fluent Reader, Feeder, The Old Reader, NewsBoat, tt-rss, TheFeedReaderBot (Console), NewsFlash, Miniflux, Photon, selfoss, gorss, RSS Guard, BringRSS, NewsBlur, Osmosfeed, WebFeed, rss


Feedbro, Brief, Smart-RSS, Fraidycat

Satellite & Street View Maps

Scan Files

Any.Run, Triage, Malware Initial Assessment, Intezer Analyze, Cuckoo / 2, VirSCAN, Joe Sandbox, MetaDefender, Fortiguard, Jotti, Virus Desk, Antiscan, MalShare, Amnpardaz, Cuckoo

Screen Recorders

OBS / Guide

Bandicam, FFmpeg, Nchsoftware, RecordMyDesktop, Screenpresso, LiteCam, SRERecorder, CamStudio, EZVid, Captura, Kap, oCam, WebMCam, SimpleScreenRecorder, Kalmuri, Wink, Vileo,,, Screen Recorder, ScreenREC, RecordCast, RecordScreen, ScreenApp, vokoscreenNG, Fluent Screen Recorder, Google Screen Recorder, vento

Browser Extensions

Screen Recorder, Screenity, Nimbus Capture, Screenshot Capture,, Awesome Screen Recorder

Scene Release Trackers

Searx Instances

Fuck Off Google / nixnet / Instance Index, Instance Index 2, searx, tiekoetter, monocles

Send Anonymous Emails

secure-email, 5ymail, anonymousemail, anonymouse, sendanonymousemail, send-email, gilc, mytrashmail, Remailer, MixMaster, mailfreeonline, DeadFake

SEO Tools

CuratedSEOTools, BulkLink, websiterankpro, SEOCheckFree, busywithseo, seowagon, seotoolnetwork, smallseotoolz, smartseotools, 99WebTools, SmallSEOTools, seochecker, seotoolscentre, sitescorechecker, ettvi


SEO Minion or ubersuggest

SFlix Clones

SFX / Loops

Adobe Audition Downloads, Free-Loops, FreeSOundEffects, Freesound, soundbible, flashkit, ZapsPlat, OrangeFreeSounds, BBC Sound Effects / Downloader, looperman, sonniss2019, storyblocks, LabChirp, Bfxr, Noizable, sampleswap, samplefocus, soundpacks, Soundfishing, SampleScope, splice, MeowPad, /r/LoopKits, DripChord, freesound, sampleswap, audiostorrent, GoAudio, VSTHouse, Audio Plugin, VST-Platinum, SamplesHome, Magesy, MagesyPro, Music-Create, Audio.Tools, jbouchat, Audioz

Sheet Music Sites

Similar Site Indexes

Similar Sites, SimilarWeb, xRanks, similarsitesearch, TopSimilarSites, SuchSites,,, SitesLike

Site Analytics

Site Legitimacy Check

URL Void

ThreatStop,, Scamadviser, SiteSheck, IsLegitSite, scanurl, Dr. Web, Google Safe Browsing, Online Link Scan

SockShare Clones

Song Identification

Sites / Programs

Midomi, Aha Music, /r/NameThatSong, Dejavu (python), Audd (api), MusicRecognizer, Mousai, AudioTag

Mobile Apps

Shazam, SoundHound, Music ID iOS, AmbientMusicMod

Skip Redirect

AdsBypasser / 2, skip-redirect / Chrome, krnl-and-linkvertise-bypasser, Linkvertise-Bypasser, Linkvertise-Bypass, TheBypasser, Bypass-Links, Auto link bypasser, Bypasser, short link to direct link, UploadHEaven, Bypasser Online, bypasser

SMS Verification Sites

TextNow, Tempophone, 2ndline, SMS Receive Free, SMS Online, GetFreeSMSNUmber, SMS Receive, Receive SMS Online, 7Sim, receivesmsonline, Sellaite, Send SMS Now, Free Online Phone, SMS Get, 1s2u, My Trash Mobile, Temp-Mails, GlobFone, receive-sms, freesmsverification, countrycode, temp-sms, oksms, temporary-phone-number, cloakmobile, pumpsms, spoofbox, smska, receive-sms-online, smsfinders, receivesms, numbersfor, mfreesms, phonerator, fake-sms, yunjisms, smscodeonline, lothelper, xinghai, mianfeijiema, receivesms, jiemahao, storytrain, 114sim, Temp Number, sms24, receive-smss, verificationfree, simpletexting, freesmscenter, receive-sms, online-sms, grizzlysms, spytm, receivesms, receive-sms-free, receivesms, sms-activation-service, burnerapp, temp-sms, receivesms, temp-number, tempsmss, quackr, mytempsms, sms24, freephonenum, temp-phone-number,, 5sim, smsnator, InboxSMS, anonymsms

No CC Required Trial Sites

esendex, burstsms, directsms, vumber

Soundcloud Downloaders

SoundCloud Downloader, Klickaud, Local SoundCloud Downloader, SoundCloud-Playlist-Sync, Soundcloud-Downloader, SCDL / Git, sclouddownloader, SoundcloudMP3, orpheusdl-soundcloud, soundcloudaudiodownloader

Spanish Anime Telegram

Animes480pFinalizados, AndrossElLegado, animes_kawais, SimplementeAnime, animesfinalizadoLSHD, AnimeDark17

Sports Streaming

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, Boxing, Tennis, Football, Rugby, F1, MotoGP, Golf, Darts, Cricket

Sports Streaming Subs

/r/MLBStreams, /r/WWEstreams/, /r/rugbystreams

Spotify Downloaders

Legit Downloaders

DownOnSpot, CLSpotify / GitHub, spotify_sync, OnTheSpot, Zotify, Deezer Method

Spotify YouTube Downloaders

Spotify Downloaders, Savify, Spotify-DL, spotDL, Syncify (Playlists), FreyrJS, AllToMP3, Spotifast, Spotify Downloader, spotify-downloader, SPOTYdl, SpotiFlyer, SPDownloader (Playlists)

Telegram Bots

Spotdlrobot, Spotify Music Downloader, pymusicdl, spotify-dl, Spotify_downloa_bot, Music_Downloader_Bot_Spotify, Motreeb, telegvc_bot


Spytify / GitHub

Spotify Tools

Lyrics / Spotify Companion / Playlist Randomizer / Playlist Manager / Playlist Converter / Apple Music Playlist Converter / Playlist Words / Dedup / Backup, 2 / Library Size / Listening Stats, 2, 3, 4 / Tier Lists / Song Country Search / Account Gen, 2, 3 / Sync Accounts / Canvas Downloader / Export Tracks as Deezer Playlists / GitHub Display / Visualizer

Spotify Adblockers

Spotify Themes

Colorize / Spicetify / CLI / Addons / Discord / Easy Install / Fluent, 2

Steam Workshop Downloaders

SCMD,,, steamworkshopdownloader, ggntw, Workshop Downloader,, NetherWorkshopDownloader / Disocrd, steam-workshop-downloader, Workshop Script

Streaming Site CSE

Stock Photo Sites


Awesome Stock Resources, Unsplash, Nohat, Pexels, PixaBay, PNGIMG (png), StockSnap, allthefreestock, altphotos, chamberofcommerce, goodfreephotos, morguefile, desirefx, icons8 / 2, gfxmountain, all-free-download, freepik / Drive, creativity103, photos8, reshot, creativecommons, DreamsTime, OpenAccess, LibreStock, FreeImages, PixelMob, StorySet, behance, barnimages, gratisography, freeillustrations, beatsnoop, kaboompics, picjumbo, negativespace, burst, barnimages, skuawk, undraw, rawpixel, drawkit, cgispread, unblast, freedesignfile, argfx, pixabay archive, skitterphoto, copyrightfreephotos, libreshot, themeisle, pxfuel, depositphotos, foodiesfeed (Food), Illustrations, Objects, Humaaans, blush, cupcake, bucketlistly, magdeleine, splitshire, littlevisuals, picography, stickpng, lifeofpix, diverseui (Human Faces), designerspics, travelcoffeebook, publicdomainarchive, twnsnd, moveast, focastock, jeshoots, isorepublic, digitalcollections, flickr, startupstockphotos, shutteroo, photostockeditor, photober, goodstock, freerangestock, thepicpac, streetwill, stockified, snappygoat, realisticshots, pickupimage, jaymantri, freelyphotos, crowthestone, cc0, albumarium, photoeverywhere, freejpg, getrefe, titania, opendoodles, thestocks, sitebuilderreport, avopix, openverse, drawkit, 3D Illustrations, 3dbay, pixeltrue, marker-illustrations, free-gophers-pack, vecteezy, glyphs, warrenphotographic (Animals), freenaturestock (Nature), 4freephotos, niceillustrations, NS-illustration-pack, manypixels, fresh-folk, iwaria, stockvault,, pikwizard, aerophotostock


vectorportal, publicdomainvectors, vecteezy, freevectors, 123freevectors, freevector, freevectors, free-vectors, vector4free, ddpanda


Shutterstock Premium, Free Shutterstock, freestockphotos, Shutter


downloaders, sharedvn, visualhunt, shutterstock-photo-downloader, istock, ChkCut, GettyImage Downloader

Stock Video Sites


Awesome Stock Resources, Mixkit, Coverr, BeachFrontBroll, Videvo, CuteStockFootage, VidEezy, Vecteezy, Mazwai, Pexels Video, Life of Vids, FreeHD,, DroneStock, MotionPlaces, cutestockfootage, motionarray, mitchmartinez, Dareful, CuteStock

Subreddit Discovery

sayit, Vizit, Map of Reddit, Subbed, RedditViz, subreddits, /r/DiscoverReddit Index, /r/Serendipity, /r/ListOfSubreddits, /r/wowthissubexists, /r/findareddit, /r/trendingsubreddits, /r/TrendingReddits/, subreddit_map, SubredditMentionsGraph, Subreddit User-Overlap, Subreddit Calculator, redsim

Summary Generator

Skimcast, SummaryGenerator, Scholarcy / Chrome, Resoomer, SMMRY, Summari,, kagi, whatispoint, MyReader

Sun / Moon Position

SunCalc, Subsolar Point, ShadeMap, ShadowCalculator, FindMyShadow, MoonCalc

Switch Homebrew Discord Servers

Switch Roms

System Monitors

phwmon, Netdata, bottom, MangoHud, OpenHardwareMonitor / GitHub, btop, Glances, Taskbar Stats, WinBar, FanControl / Github,SidebarDiagnostics

Tab Managers

OneTab, Tab Center Reborn, Tabli, Simple Tab Groups, Acid Tabs, Tab Stash, Tab Butler, One Tab Group

Tech News

GHacks, TechURLs, Ars Technica, Geeks3D, SingularityHub, Toms Hardware, Overclock3d, NeoWin, DigitalTrends, Slashdot, mosfet, tweaktown, anandtech

Temp Email Sites

getnada, 10 Minute Mail, Temp Mail,, maildrop, mailinator, mailnesia, 10minutemail, spamgourmet,, disposable, anonbox,, kuku, Email on Deck, temp-mails, Mohmal, Mohmal, tempmail (terminal), Temp Mail (api), 33mail, Guerillamail, edumail,,, temporarymail, FakeMailGenerator, emailfake, tempmailo, 10minutesemail, emailondeck, tempm, tempail, eyepaste, mintemail, mytemp, sharklasers, yopmail,, dropmail, cryptogmail, inboxkitten, anonymmail, tmailweb, one-off, another-temp-mail, tempr, fakemail, throwawaymail, hour, harakirimail, 33mail, hottempmail, dispomail, tempmail, email-generator, moakt, 24mail, linshi-email, mail1s, mailmenot, gmailcity, haribu, disposablemail, trashmail, emailsensei, emailtemporanee, fakermail, 10minutesmail, mailtemp, rsolution, temporary-email, /, mail-temp, temp-mail, 20minutemail, easytrashmail, 1secmail, 10minutemail, fex, email-fake, mintemail, luxusmail, tempmail, spambox, tempmails, receivemail, rainmail, tempemail, burner, mailpoof, tempmail.altmails, instant-email,, temp-inbox, minutemailbox, tempmaili, minuteinbox, emailhippo, emailtemp, hour.emai, tempmailid, emaildrop, 10minutemail, temprmail, 10minemail,,, tempinbox, yopmail, faketempmail, tmailor, temp-mailbox,, bottlemail, internxt, mytrashmailer

Temp Mail Lists

Disposable Emails Domains, Temp Mail Rentry, EmailAddresses, disposable-emails

Telegram Temp Mail Bots

Trashmail, TrashEmail, TempMail_org_bot, tmpmailbot, smtpbot, temp_mail_bot

Temp Mail Extensions

Bloody Vikings!, c0x0, Temp Mail

Telegram Anime Downloads

Telegram Audiobook Downloads

Telegram Audio Download

Telegram Audio Download Bots

Telegram Bots

BotsArchive, awesome-telegram, awesome-telegram-bots, awesome-bots, awesome-telegram-groups, awesome-telegram, awesome-telegram-lists, bots, botlist, TelegramBotsList, bots.php, /r/TelegramBots, telegram-store, infotelbot, botostore

Telegram Deezer Bots

Telegram File Tools

Telegram eBook Download

Telegram Video Download

Text Adventures

iFiction (Index), IFDB (Index), Ifarchive (drive), Pac-Txt, AI Dungeon, A Dark Room, Addventure, The Never Ending Quest, The Text Adventure, Seedship, TextAventures, Crank, Umbra, Web Adventures, WrittenRealms, MUDII, doublespeak, Genesis

Text / Code Collaboration

Mattermost, HackMD, Taskade, CryptPad, Socket, Whimsical, Firepad, Etherpad, FidusWriter, overleaf, RustPad

Text Editors

Online Text Editors

Text Rephrashing

Rewrite Tool, Paraphraz, Rewriter, Spinbot, Paraphrasing Tool, ArticleReword, Rephrasely, Paraphraser, SmartArticleWriter, Paraphrase-Online, articlerewritertool, Turbo Spinner, rephraser, summarizetool, caligonia, paraphrasing-tool, freearticlespinning, article-spinner, csgenerator, paraphrasingtool, paraphraseai

TikTok Video Downloaders

SnapTik, TokDer, tikmate, tikfast, SaveTT, ssstikvideo, TikInsta, TTDown, ttdownloader, savetik, TikTok Scraper

Tor Tools

Wiki / Search / Unblock Tor / Anonymity Tips / IP Test / Auto IP Switch / Access Client / GitHub / Default Gateway / Network Script / Proxy, 2, 3

Torrent to GDrive


OneClickRun / GitHub

Colab-Hacks Bot / GitHub, QBit to Gdrive / GitHub / How-To, Torrent_To_Google_Drive_Downloader, MiXLab / Use Throwaways


Torrent all-in-one bot, Codemaster, Mirror-Bot, TorrentLeech, google-drive-torrent, torrents-to-google_drive, EmbetaCloud, TorrentMega2GoogleDrive, Torrent-To-Google-Drive-Downloader, Torrents-to-Google-Drive

Telegram Bots

Tracker Lists

ngosang / 2, trackerslist / 2, fossbytes list, NewTrackOn

Translation Sites

DeepL, Papago, Libretranslate / 2,, MyMemory, Lingva, Nice Translator, Yandex Translator, Bing Translator, Reverso, GTranslate, babelfish, translation2, Apertium, collinsdictionary, online-translator, translation, translatedict, Systrane Translate,, worldlingo, Translatelocally, Translation Sensagent

Typing Lessons

Lessons - keybr, Monkey Type,, Colemak Academy, klavaro, TIPP10, RapidTyping, Typing Club, Ratatype, JustType, Rasyti, SoloTyping, TypeFast, TypingBolt, AmpheType, Stamina,goodtyping, Typing-Fingers, Typing Arena, TheTypingCat,, TechTypingTutor, klavaro, TypingTest, 10fastfingers, onlinetyping, Thokr, Ttyper, TermTyper, CodeType, kbs, TypingStudy, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, EduClub

Games - TypeRacer, ZType, NitroType, TypeRush

Twitch Adblockers

uBlock Filters

yokoffing/filterlists, / 2, FilterLists, webannoyances, fuck fuckadblock, The Block List Project, ADFILT, EasyList / Forum, urlhaus-filter, iBlocklist,, Energized Protection, Additional Undesired Hosts, PersonalFilterListCollection, fanboy, NoTracking blocklist, d3ward, notracking, lan-block, developerdan, scamblocklist, NoADS_RU, iploggerfilter, Anifiltrs, GoodbyeAds, neodevhost, jmdugan/blocklists, referrer-spam-list), black-mirror, CombinedPrivacyBlockLists, hblock, spam404, blacklist, energized, Clear URLs, TheFuckingList, minoplhy filters, Little Snitch, dns-blocklists, uBlock-combo

Udemy Coupons


discudemy, bestcouponhunter, Coursevania, Learn Viral, BARONIP COUPONS, Course Time, iDownloadCoupon, coursecouponclub, coursekingdom, freebiesglobal,, onlinecourses, cursosdev, 100offdeal, freshercooker, dailycoursereviews

Unicode Font Generators

coolfont, Font Meme, Font Generator Online, Getfancy, Font Generator, DiscordFonts, MessLetters, Fancy Text, YayText, Font-Generator, lingojam, fSymbols, fontchangerguru, fontgenerator,

Untouched APKs

APKMirror / Playstore Links

Android App, UpToDown, APKPure, APKCombo, APKBe, MobileAPKFree, Top Androids, APK Thing, APKGit, APKMonk, APKToy, APKamp, APKSum, matjarapk,, Material-You-app-list

URL Unshorteners

ExpandURL,, WhereGoes, urlxray, unshorten

Userscript Managers

VFX Sites

FootageCrate, FreeVideoEffect, VideoCoPilot, IntroHD, VFXmed, cgmasalaa, flex_cg_vfx

After Effects

ShareAE, HunterAE, AEShares, AERiver, Intro HD, AEDownloadPro, Adobe After Effects Collection

Video Chat

Jitsi / 2, Zoom-Clone, kemeet, MiroTalk, / GitHub, Whereby, Videolink2me, TinyChat, Noysi Meet, Tlk, iqc, Crewdle, Briefing, Airmeet, Brave Talk, Temasys, Talky

Video Converters

XMedia Recode, staxrip / Guide, FastFlix, AVC, NEAV1E,, Evano, OnlineVideoConverter, WebmtoMP4,, MakeMKV, Video2Edit, Winnydows, RipBot264, MeGUI, sickbeard_mp4_automator, FastFlix, avisynth, ShutterEncode, Video Express Converter, SafeVideoConverter, Av1an, MediaCoderHQ, Seven Converter / GitHub, JS Video Converter, nmkoder, AVS4YOU, VideoConverter, FrameGUI, Boram

VVC Encode / Decode

vvenc, vvdec, VVCEasy, wrenc, VVC-GUI, VVC-Tools

Video Editors


Olive, VirtualDub2, LosslessCut, DaVinci Resolve, Shotcut, EZVid, OpenShot, Shotcut, HitFilm, kdenlive, Lightworks, Windows Movie Maker / 2 / 3, SimMusicoletpleMovieMaking, VSDC, Auto-Editor (CLI), MoviePy (Python), avidemux, GOMlab, Remotion / GitHub, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, MiniTool, Moovly, FXHome, Adobe Premiere Rush, ssemble

Online Editors

Clideo, Kapwing, InVideo, Biteable, Mastershot, Panzoid, KeepChangeIt,, FastReel, Convert2Video, Video Cutter, FlexClip, Vididoo, VideoToolbox, VideoCandy, Animoto, Flixier, descript

Video Hosting Sites

mixdrop, vudeo (8tb), vidyard, streamtape / 2, doodstream, supervideo, ydb, cloudvideo, powvideo, upstream, streamable, abyss,, videy, wolfstream, vidcloud, vidoza, fileone, streamlare, streamsb, uqload, speedostream, sendvid, slwatch, VTube

Video Players

Video Player Tools

Video Stream Sync

CyTube,, ScrubTV, twoseven, WatchPubs, MovieNight, WatchParty, Kast, Surge, Screen Share Party, TurtleTV, OpenTogetherTube


  • Kosmi (videos, games, music, and other apps)
  • neko / GitHub (Self-Hosted)

Giggl, HyperBeam, Trast,, Metastream, Caracal Club

Vim Tools

VSCode Tools

ChatGPT / Open VSX Registry / Snippet Generator / Discord Tools / Twitch Hightlighter / Smart Clicks / Web Server / Browser, 2 / Settings / Insider Build / Logo Extension / Pets

VSCode Themes

VSCodeThemes / Dark Theme / Extensions, 2 / Theme Generator


UnixPorn, HD wallpapers, WallpaperFusion, WallpaperAccess,, Wallpaper Safari, CoolBackgrounds, WallpaperCave, Positron Dream, WalLegend, SkinBase, GetWalls, Wallpapers, DualMonitorBackgrounds, SocWall, ThewWallpapers, WPGallery, wallpaperstock,, Bing Wallpaper, simpledesktops, Mac Wallpapers 2, Microsoft Wallpapers / 2, 3, WallpaperHub, Wallpaper Tip, WallpaperFlare, hdqwalls, uhdpaper, wallpapersden, MovieMania, Xbox Wallpapers, vsthemes, wallpaperscraft, backiee, hdwallpapers, wallpaper-house, pixelstalk, 7-themes, gettywallpapers, wallpaperset, wallpapershome, teahub, sfwallpaper, 99images, wallpaperbetter, wallpaperforu, wallpapercrafter, wallpapersmug, goldposter, pikist, hdwallsbox, wallpaperbat, wallhere, ilikewallpaper, wallup, setaswall, peakpx, itl, papers, pixel4k, suwalls, GDrive Collection, drawstructure, ps4wallpapers, wallha, 4kwallpapers, wallpaperswide,, MoeWalls, dwt1

Telegram Wallpaper Channels

wallpapers, ull_HD_4K_wallpapers, WallpapersGram, picsart_hd_background, Anime_WallpapersHD, allwallpaper, Wallpaper, ZedgeImagesBot, picsart_hd_background, wallpaperselection, Hk3To, G_Walls, EZwalls, pengwyn, wallpapersite

Animated Wallpapers

  • LWP - Wallpapers that Move with Cursor

/r/LivingBackgrounds, wallpaperwaifu, Scenic Illustrations, MyLiveWallpapers, AutoWall, AnimatedBackgrounds, Lively (Create)

Wallpaper Managers

ScreenPlay, backiee, Daily Reddit Wallpaper, Daily Bing Wallpaper, Awesome Wallpaper,, SuperPaper

Mobile Wallpapers

Wallpaper Engine, wallhaven, wallpaperfusion, wallpaperaccess,, wallpapersafari, wallpapercave, positrondream, wallpaperstock, simpledesktops, wallpapertip, wallpaperflare, hdqwalls, wallpapersden, moviemania, iOS Wallpapers / 2, VectorifyDaHome, backiee, Wallpapers_Phone_Mobile, iphone11papers, Wallpapers Clan, Wallme, WallYou, Mobcup, Absolutely Walls, noir arts, /r/iWallpaper, WalliApp, /r/Verticalwallpapers, /r/MobileWallpaper, Zedge

WebFont Changer

Firefox / Chrome

Website Creators

GoHugo, SouPalt, Barly, Zola, Jamstack Generators, Jekyll, Tails, vveb, Potion, 8b, WebFlow, EasyLogic, Universe,, GrapeDrop, Specctr, Astro, TypeDream, Processwire, Google Sites, AngelFire

Simple Site Creators

Straw.Page, Own Free Website, itty.bitty, txti, mmm, cargo, Talium, Jigsy, Temper, Neocities, Mobirise, Silex, Publii

Web Scraping / Archiving Tools

awesome-web-scraping / 2 / 3, ArchiveBox, Collect, grab-site, Heritrix, HTTrack / Guide, wail, WikiTeam, wallabag, Conifer, CrowLeer, brozzler, Kiwix, wpull, suckit, wget / wget2 / Commands / Guide, zenscrape, scraping-bot, webscraping, scrapingant, pyscrappy, scrapestack, conifer, archivy,, cachedview, archivematica, webarchive, cyotek-webcopy, Website-downloader,, timetravel, Eternal, oldweb, vortimo, 22120 (Browser Controller), ghostarchive, webrecorder, web.scraper,, cachedpages, stealth, replayweb / GitHub, CopySite, Scrapy, offliberty, DFK, grab, mrscraper


SingleFileZ, archiveror, archiveweb, Wayback Machine, Web Archives, Vandal / Git, simplescraper, markdownload, Instant Data

Windows 10 Antispy Tools

Privatezilla, ShutUp10, Blackbird, W10Privacy, WPD, PrivateWin10, Manage connection endpoints, Manage Microsoft Services connection endpoints, gp-pack PaT, WindowsSpyBlocker,, optimizer, purge_windows_10_telemetry, DisableWinTracking, private-secure-windows, debotnet

Windows 10 Debloater

Windows 10 Debloater, Win10AppRemove, win10script / 2, BloatBox, Optimize-Offline, Windows-Decrapifier, Windows10PowerShellReimaging, Remove-Windows10-Bloat, Debloat Windows 10, Windows-Optimize-Harden-Debloat, SophiApp, WinRice, TweakList, Windows-On-Reins, BRU, Windows-Bloatware-Removal, optimizer, Ultimate Windows Utility, XToolbox, Win-Debloat-Tools, Win10BloatRemover, Win10Debloat, windows_hardening.cmd

Windows Activation

Windows File Explorers

Windows ISO

Untouched ISOs

Modded ISOs

Window Tiling Programs

nog, bug.n, GridMove, Amethyst Windows, WorkSpacer, Komorebi, TileMe, WindowsGrid, FancyWM, GlazeWM, MiguruWM

Wordpress Themes

gpldl, wplocker, Weadown, FreeNulledCode, crackthemes, Mega Drive, jojo-themes, babiato, newtemplate, justfreewpthemes, themesplugins

Worldwide News Sites Index

ABYZNews, AllYouCanRead,, World-Newspapers, OnlineNewspapers, 4IMN

Youtube Android Apps

ReVanced App Builders

ReVanced Creator, ReVanced Builder, revanced-build-template, RVX Builder, Docker-Py-ReVanced, YT-AT

YouTube Frontends

FreeTubeApp, ViewTube / GitHub, Piped / 2 / 3, PSTube, Youtube-local, tube.cadence, YTB

YouTube Movies

YouTube Music Players

YTMDesktop / 3, Youtube-Music / 2, mps-youtube, Headset

YouTube Converters


YTDL-PATCHED, YTMP3 2 3, YoutubeDL-Material, Ontiva, DetURL, Videovor, onlinevideoconverter, YMP4, ymp4, FLVto, snappea, YT-RED-UI, y2mate, UPull, savefrom

MP3 Only

mps-youtube, YouTube to MP3 Converter, loader, Yout,AudioJack, y2mp3, myfreemp3, topsandtees, VrTube, dirpy, soundloaders

MP4 Only

Local Youtube Downloader, Tartube, Youtube Video Downloader, YouTube MP4, LocoDownloader, projectlounge ytdl, YoutubeDownloader, mp3youtubeconverter, pobieracz, AllToMP3,YT_Downloaders, PushBullet-YTDL, pytube, node-ytdl-core


Loader, KeepVid, youtubeplaylist, Sync-DL, UltraSonics

YT-DL Tools